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Sbcglobal Login

Sbcglobal Login

Sbcglobal is America’s leading telecommunication brand that has been taken over by AT&T. While, most of its services are not available anymore. But, the existing users of its Email Service can still access their webmail service. The best part is users get access to their webmail account absolutely free of cost. In other words, AT&T facilitates Sbcglobal Login through its official website. As such, you can easily access your New/ Old Emails, Create and Send New Emails, Create Email Messages and Save Drafts, Forward Emails, Reply To Emails, Delete Emails etc. by checking your Inbox. 

Sbcglobal Login process is possible through the given methods. 

  • From the At&T’s official website.
  • By Transferring this Sbcglobal Account to your Gmail Account.
  • By Configuring this Sbcglobal Account on popular Email Clients like MS Outlook.

Quick Process Of Login

  1. In the very first place, you will have to launch an Internet Browser that is pre-installed on your Computer. You may look for a respective Browser icon on your Computer’s Desktop or Taskbar. 
  2. Then, bring up AT&T’s official website for Sbcglobal Login. For this, locate the Browser’s Address Bar. It is the long text bar running at the very top of this window. Click on this text bar. Then, correctly enter the URL which is “”. Press the “Enter” key to get the desired webpage. 
  3. This window provides a link to access your webmail service. As such, locate the “Mail” tab from the upper right-hand corner. In order to proceed further, place your cursor over it. This will expand its Menu box. 
  4. Now, select the “Sign In” button.
  5. As a result, it leads you to the required webpage for Sbcglobal Login. Here, you must enter the Email Address associated with your Sbcglobal Account. Make sure to provide it correctly in lower case without any typing error. 
  6. In addition to that, this window requires you to provide the corresponding Password accurately. Hence, enter the same very carefully. 
  7. Along with that, it allows you to directly access your emails for a maximum period of 2 weeks without undergoing the Sbcglobal Login process again and again. In other words, it will keep you logged in till the time you manually “Sign Out” from your Account. As such, select the checkbox next to the option that says “Keep me signed in”. 
  8. Finally, click on the highlighted “Sign In” tab to complete the Sbcglobal Login process.

Configure MS Outlook For Sbcglobal Login

  1. Launch the pre-installed MS Outlook on your Computer. 
  2. Go to the upper left-hand corner of this window. Now, click on “File”.
  3. Select the “Add Account” option. 
  4. Now, click on “Account Settings” located beneath “Add Account”. 
  5. On the following Menu box, go to the Email section. Click “New” to proceed with Sbcglobal Login. 
  6. Next, you must opt for “Manual setup or additional server types”. Then, click “Next”.
  7. Thereafter, choose “POP or IMAP” and click “Next”.
  8. On the following “POP and IMAP Account Settings” window, enter the required details as given below.
    • Your Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Account Type: “POP3”.
    • Incoming Mail Server: “”
    • Username: Sbcglobal Login Email Address.
    • Password: Respective Password
  9. Along with that, choose the option for “Security (SSL)”.
  10. As such, the “Incoming Port Number” will be auto-populated. Make sure it is “995”. If required, change it. 
  11. Then, click “Next”.
  12. With this, Outlook will validate the given Incoming Server Information. Then, it will connect to it. 
  13. Subsequently, enter the correct Outgoing Mail Server Information as mentioned below. 
    1. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): “”
    2. Security (SSL) option: Selected
    3. Outgoing Port Number: “465”.
    4. Username: SBCGlobal Login Email Address.
    5. Password: Respective Password
  14. Click “Next”.
  15. Consequently, it will validate the provided Server Information for configuring your Sbcglobal Account. Then, download your Emails. 
  16. Finally, click “Finish” on the following Confirmation window to successfully conclude the process. 

With this, your Sbcglobal Account is accessible through this user-friendly Email Client. In order to access your emails, you should launch this outstanding application on your Computer. Select the “Sign In” option on its Welcome window. Now, provide your Sbcglobal Email Address. Then, click “Next”. Thereafter, carefully enter the associated Password. Finally, click on the highlighted “Sign In” tab to conclude the Sbcglobal Login process.